Chicly Yours is a highly-curated wedding blog edited by fashion designer, Andi Sperl.

About Andi…

Let’s start with the basics. My name is Andi Sperl, and I am a 25-year-old living in Newport, Rhode Island. If you are unfamiliar with Newport, I live on a tiny island made up of just three towns. That means I’m constantly no more than five minutes from a beach. Yes, five minutes. My life is conveniently placed in a vacation. Oh, and I have a neurotic rescue lab mix pup named Layla.

I know what you’re thinking…who the heck is this girl, and why is she writing a wedding blog? Well, I wonder that everyday of my life, considering I’m not engaged (currently single, actually), have only been in one wedding, and have never helped plan a wedding.

Just three years ago, I was finishing up college with my degree in elementary and special education. I took a job as a special education teacher just outside of Boston. Great place to live, great job. But, there was something missing. Since my freshman year of high school, I wanted to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology to get my degree in fashion design. So, I did what any unhappy teacher would do…I applied to FIT, got in, quit my job, got my degree in fashion design, and never looked back.

Why bridal? At school, I found that fashion is a fast-paced industry that has become less and less about the workmanship and more about producing as much as possible (overseas, typically). Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I wanted to do something where I could be the designer and be sure that my designs translate into high-quality pieces that someone will cherish for a long time…maybe even a lifetime.

Why the blog? Welp, there really was no other choice than to start this blog! I am constantly staring at inspirational photos online, in magazines, on the side of buses, you name it. It only seems fitting that I share my findings with all of the brides out there.

And…that’s about it. Have a question? Shoot me an e-mail…



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