Chic Peek: The Ring

{my ring}
Every bride in waiting dreams about what her big day will be like…whimsical, indie, vintage, rustic, garden…the possibilities are endless! But the fact of the matter is that the ring rules all. No actual wedding plans can happen without THE ring. Whether it’s a total surprise when you get it, or you picked it out (and practically wrapped it for yourself), the ring can sometimes have an impact on the overall feeling of your wedding. My engagement ring set the mood for everything from the save the dates and the bridal shower to the venue, dress, and accessories.  It can be summed up in two words: art deco. Art deco engagement rings are becoming a popular choice for many couples because of their classic, yet modern, look. Not only is an art deco ring unique, it’s elegant, stylish, and definitely a statement piece. I am drawn to this type of jewelry because of the emphasis on geometric patterns and intricate filigree work. Jewelry is just not made like this anymore! And no worries ladies…vintage art deco engagement rings start in the $500 range. Affordable, unconventional, and fabulous.
Jill Caturano is a real bride, who is getting married in August 2012. She is a middle school art teacher from a small town in Connecticut. Jill holds a bachelor’s degree in Illustration and a Master’s degree in Teaching, both from Massachusetts College of Art. Jill enjoys collecting, DIY projects, making pinch pots, and walking her dog Vincent Van Gogh (Vinny, for short). Can’t get enough of Jill? Check out her personal blog here.

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